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Skyworx Drone Shows are a global provider of drone light shows for events, brands, and venues. We believe that the future of entertainment and advertising is about bringing an event to life in an extraordinary way. Book your drone show now.

"Our first partnership with Skyworx has gone viral with 1.9m organic outreach, outperforming anything we've recently posted on our channels"

- Walt Disney Company


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The Clients

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Our Mission

Bring Your Vision to Life

We exist to help your brand leave a lasting impression long after your show is over. From 2-D shapes and images to 3-D animation and limitless movement, the mission of Skyworx Drone Shows is to bring your vision to life in any color, shape, or form you can imagine.

The Process

From Start To Finish

1. Initiate

Our world-class team collaborates with you to ensure we completely understand your vision

2. Animate

We handle every step of the process, from concept storyboarding to final rendering, guaranteeing an unforgettable, awe-inspiring show that brings your vision to life

3. Prepare

Our drone experts and professional pilots handle everything from documentation, including insurance and permitting, to contacting the FAA and local authorities to ensure a seamless transition from dreams to reality.

4. Perform

Our professional pilots and production crew handle every aspect of your show—from setup to tear down—allowing you to sit back and relax as we raise your brand to new heights.

The Numbers

Flight Time
1 Min

Each drone can fly for up to 15 minutes, dependent on delayed launches. Multiple flight shows are limited only by your imagination!

Flight Ceiling
1 ft

Our shows use the maximum allowable altitude of 400 feet above the ground for perfect visibility.

Wind Threshold
1 mph

 Our drones are able to withstand 26 mph winds, giving them a maximum wind resistance during your show!

100 Drones

Powerful and capable. Perfect for private events and small venues.

300 Drones

A big step up from 100 drones, allowing for more detailed designs for larger events.

500 Drones

3D complexity for large branded events guaranteed to amaze your audience.

1000+ Drones

The Ultimate Experience to launch your event sky high creating unforgettable memories.

Drone Shows

We Capture Every Moment

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The moments

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