1700 Drone Show for the Netflix is a Joke Festival

The Netflix Is A Joke Festival’s Sky-High Start | 1700 Drone Light Show

Netflix is a Joke Fest is the biggest comedy festival in North America, with over 400 shows at 35 venues. Skyworx Drone Shows and our partners at Heads in the Sky Drones had the honor of kicking it off. We took the stage in the sky, and orchestrated an unprecedented aerial symphony of 1700 drones taking off from 6 points around the city. This spectacle was an awesome display of engineering, setting a record for most individual launch pads for a show, and can be viewed here on Netflix’s YouTube.

Flight Proven Precision

Skyworx’s drone display at the Netflix Is A Joke Festival was a feat of modern technology. Each drone is outfitted with advanced GPS navigation systems and vibrant LEDs capable of casting a wide spectrum of light across the night sky. With precision programming, our fleet of drones showcased Netflix’s lineup for their 2024 comedy festival, spelling out more than a dozen names, including Chris Rock, Ali Wong, Kevin Hart, David Letterman, Maya Rudolph, Shane Gillis, and even Tom Brady.

Comedy and Creativity in the Clouds

Our design team worked tirelessly to pull off such a complex show, but they still had time to sneak in some jokes. See if you can pick out the wisecrack in the sky when playing the show back! As the potential applications of drones continue to grow, Skyworx continues to demonstrate that the sky’s the limit for creativity in marketing your events. Whether it be a 100 drone show at a wedding or a 1700 Drone Show for the Netflix is a Joke Festival, Skyworx Drone Shows can meet your needs.