Skyworx Drone Shows and Pyro Spectaculars Brought the Heat for the City of Cerritos’ Birthday

Cerritos, California, incorporated in April of 1956, marked the occasion of its birthday with a spectacular display of both fireworks and drones. Cerritos has a rich history, and is one of the ‘Gateway Cities’ that are southeast of Los Angeles. Upon receiving the request, our team quickly went to work on the project, preparing to fuse the two art forms together. “It was really fun getting to design a show in sync with fireworks,” said Thomas Woodbridge, designer of the show. The show featured formations of the continental United States, California, the Statue of Liberty, an F-16 fighter jet, and of course, the Star Spangled Banner. Each formation was synced to music and fireworks displays, creating an incredible collaboration between old and new forms of expression. “The melding of the two mediums is a great application of the technology, as well as creating an exciting viewing experience for the audience.”

The city wanted something big to celebrate the occasion, and Skyworx Drone Shows and Pyro Spectaculars brought the heat for the City of Cerritos’ birthday. What made the experience so unique for the audience was the timing of it all – drones and fireworks working together in synergy with the music – leaving the crowd in awe. “The timing can be time coded or synced in other creative ways,” said Jesse Cordtz, the Creative Director at Skyworx Drone Shows. “Usually we all sync to an audio track that can be time coded for the exact synchronization of BMP lighting and pyro cues. The biggest shows we’ve been involved in have massive synchronization, including video, lasers, pyro, et cetera.” The team at Skyworx is ready to take on any challenge, and eager to sync multiple forms of art with the sky. To watch highlights of the Cerritos birthday show, click here. And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you want a show of your own!